Buying Armor for Beginners

This is a Supplement

This guide should not be the only thing you look at before buying gear. If you planning to spend money on armor, it should be after practicing and working with other people in the community.

Why does this guide exist?

Because getting gear for this sport is complicated!

Let's say you join a wrestling team. You know exactly what standard gear to buy (shoes, headgear, kneepads) and where to buy them (sporting goods store, the internet). You will recognize the brands, know what to do if there is a problem with what you buy, and can easily research the prices. NONE of that applies for gear for this sport.

For Armored Combat/Buhurt gear: You decide on the historic style of your armor and weapons, you decide which material they are made of, there is no centralized marketplace, "brands" are typically the individuals producing armor, there is no standard path to resolve problems, you also need to make sure that what you are buying fits within all the regulations (historical and safety) of the leagues you fight in, and the majority of gear is typically imported by individuals.

The Goal of this Guide

The goal of this guide is to help someone understand how to approach buying gear. It will not tell anyone what to buy, but instead help give a guide for understanding how to make good choices for gear selection and purchasing.

At this time, I am not including any direct links to vendors

Look before you leap

Some say "The armor chooses the fighter"

Money, Money, Money, its so funny. In a Buhurt world